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Throwback: before most cables ran underground, all electrical, telephone and telegraph wires were suspended from high poles

"I think in many ways it is the ultimate question: What is truth? How do we understand truth and what are the ways in which we wrestle with truth? And I believe that Theodor Adorno was right when he said that the condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak. He said that the condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak – that gives it an existential emphasis, you see, so that we’re really talking about truth as a way of life, as opposed to a set of propositions that correspond to a set of things in the world"

- Cornel West at “Examined Life”

"En una ética racional debiera ser laudable proporcionar una satisfacción a cualquiera, sin excluir a uno mismo, siempre que no haya una molestia equivalente para uno mismo o para los demás. El hombre virtuoso, si nos hubiéramos liberando del ascetismo, sería el que se permitiese gozar de todas las cosas buenas, siempre que no produjeran un mal mayor que el goce."

- Bertrand Russell - La Conquista de la Felicidad


Fritz Brinckmann & Blixa Bargeld, artwork for CD Triset of Tabula Rasa, Interim and Malediction – played by Einstürzende Neubauten, 1994. 

Limited edition + Bonus CD Footnotes. Mute Records, London and Rough Trade Records, Herne, Germany. Painting by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger. Source: discogs.


Everything becomes and recurs eternally - escape is impossible! - Supposing we could judge value, what follows? The idea of recurrence as a selective principle, in the service of strength (and barbarism!!)…

To endure the idea of the recurrence one needs: freedom from morality; new means against the fact of pain ( pain conceived as a tool, as the father of pleasure…); the enjoyment of all kinds of uncertainty, experimentalism, as a counterweight to this extreme fatalism; abolition of the concept of necessity; abolition of the “will”; abolition of “knowledge-in-itself.”

Greatest elevation of the consciousness of strength in man, as he creates the overman.


- Nietzsche -  The Will to Power

Material World - Peter Menzel


The Haus der Kulturen der Welt (“House of the Cultures of the World”) in Berlin, is Germany’s national centre for the presentation and discussion of international contemporary arts, with a special focus on non-European cultures and societies.

By Hugh Stubbins

Photos by Frank DüllmannJannis Werner & BBB3viz